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Mother Brother and the Time Travelers hit the scene

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Published: Friday, October 29, 2010

Updated: Friday, October 29, 2010 11:10


I've got a Times New Roman megaphone and some seriously poor impulse control. Secrets aren't my thing - fill me up with some good sound and I'll eventually leak. The Time Travelers and Mother Brother - there I said it - are proving to audiences around New England why it's still fun to see live music.

My advice? Get to know these guys, now. Through unique styles and a passionate craft for the details, these two bands headline my list for the "I told you so" of the year. Both bands have had their music spread through word of mouth and have started to make some big splashes in the deep end. While opposites in tone and sound, these bands are connected by a sharp mentality that cuts away at what's been done before and underlines the importance of stripping their audience's ability to stand still.

The Time Travelers create melody driven songs that build and layer upon themselves. They've employed an impressive series of original lyrics that compliment the spirit of their songs. Hailing from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, they have captured the attention of the entire student body - going to a Time Traveler's show is something that the entire college looks forward to. There's something special when an unsigned band's sweaty audience belts out lyrics to songs like "Lakeview Takeoff" and "Fangs." Give the songs a listen and I'm sure you'll see why. Edward Sturtevant, who sings vocals and plays guitar, commented on the atmosphere surrounding their shows, "More often than not, [our audiences are] college-age people looking to have a good time. We want to bring interesting, original music to them in a way that they can dance and party to as well." Their sound is reminiscent of what an acoustic Vampire Weekend would sound like with a Fleet Foxes type vocalization. Why are they the Time Travelers? They play covers of the hits from the future, man.

Mother Brother tends to operate in a different musical language, perhaps alien, but achieve very similar results at shows. Mother Brother, quite simply, has developed a new sound for getting weird. Their sound fries a melodious omelette of imaginative sounds and leaves crumbs of a classical training behind. The thing that sets Mother Brother apart from other emerging bands is their ability to understand the basic principles of sound and reject the conventional ways of reaching them. I can't compare them to other bands, they are simply Mother Brother. Right when you think you've got them pinned, they become soap in the shower that slips from your hands but leaves one feeling fresh. "If we could ask one thing of our listeners it would be to take each song as a wholly individual piece, mentally/emotionally digest that and then wipe your mind of the grime and listen to another one," they commented in an interview. Whether you like catchy-choruses, curious rap, or crushing jams, these guys won't disappoint.

Mother Brother's sound have been heard throughout the U.S. but originates from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their songs, "Seersucker Suit" and "The Best of Friends" are journeys. Through Super-Colliders, keyboards, and some seriously impressive electric guitar and drums, these guys create a well-rounded experience. The members of Mother Brother are clearly dedicated, talented, and most importantly weird.

So, how good are you at keeping secrets? These two bands are too talented to keep for yourselves. Listen to them here:


Bandcamp -

Bandcamp -

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