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3529 Owasso Street, Shoreview, MN 55112

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📍 3529 Owasso Street, Shoreview, MN 55112

🎓 10.3mi

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The worst place I've ever lived in my whole entire life. The place is disgusting. There are absolutely no attempts from management to try and make the place look better. Old and very dirty. Bugs are a pain during the summer months and I mean ALL KINDS OF BUGS! 3500 dollar break lease fee! HOLY *$#^!!! Some people live in apartments because they don't have that kind of money on hand right away. Oh! But they’ve just fixed all of the parking lots! Which is a plus for the building right across the street from THE MAIN OFFICE! They repaved the complete parking lot of the Main office building and the apartment building next to it. I’m sure to make it look better to the new possible tenants that are looking at apartments. Of course the two most important buildings that new tenants see first would be remodeled first as well as repaved first. As for the rest of the buildings. They get pothole repair. Which will ultimately cause more potholes in the future. AND HOLY CRAP! WHAT’S WITH ALL THE STUPID SIGNS! IM SURE THE AVERAGE LAY PERSON CAN FIND THEIR WAY TO THE MAIN OFFICE! ITS SAD WHEN ALL OF THOSE SIGNS AREN’T EVEN HELPING TO ATTRACT NEW TENANTS. INSTEAD, THEY’RE JUST PISSING YOUR CURRENT TENANTS OFF EVERYTIME THEY SEE THEM! Sign a lease, Sign your life away. You may as well associate midland terrace with north Minneapolis. It's ghetto! My car has been broken into in the first 7months of living here. No security cameras. And when I talked to the office they actually said, “Yeah, that's been happening a lot lately." that's it! If that doesn't show the lack of concern enough. If you really decide to move here be prepared to have 300000000000000 geese pooping on your car every day. Not only do they poop on your cars. They poop on your girlfriends too. (YES, IT HAPPENED) I’m pretty positive that after talking to the office about possibly getting the geese out of there, I’m sure their reply would be that "many tenants enjoy them." This is fine if you don’t have any kids. Unfortunately some tenants can’t have their kids playing outside when there geese droppings that cover every two inches of visible ground. Carpets were said to have been new. Then where the hell do all of these black spots in the carpet sprout up from? Carpets seemed to be fine until a month after move in. dirt spots started coming up from the bottom of the carpet. It’s disgusting. I have to kill a bug at least every day. if it weren't for me living there then I wouldn't mind them being there since it seems that they've been here longer than me anyways. Oh and finally, the rent. WAY OVER PRICED! It seems as though the rent would decrease according to the time that a person has lived there. Well not at midland terrace. RENT GOES ONLY ONE WAY: UP! Garages are very old and you'll be lucky to even get one near your living unit. Management is some of the most horrible people I’ve ever met. Don’t believe in their lies. And watch out for the ones they call Norma and Deb. at least two individuals that do not get any satisfaction out of helping others. Some people never do reviews on previous places that they’ve lived but then again you have to think. How much BS does it take for someone to actually come on here and write a novel about it? TOO MUCH BS! I rented from spring '09 through winter 10. ...

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