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  • Meditating in Color

    Meditating in Color is a new innovation here to Plymouth State University allowing students to take some time out of their busy schedules to relax, create art and embrace their inner peace. Read this article and go check it out yourself.

  • Student Spotlight: Daniel Bosco Student Spotlight: Daniel Bosco

    Daniel Bosco, a senior English major, is one of the many individuals with talent behind Poets and Writers. After years of performing and playing gigs on stage in front of live audiences, the experience of reading his raw, self-identifying poetry to strangers is both terrifying and rewarding.

  • Thigh Gaps Thigh Gaps

    If you search the phrase “thigh gap” on Pinterest there is a new service announcement trying to get the attention of users and help them recognize that thigh gaps are not a sign of health. Check out this article about thigh gaps.

  • Plymouth State University Republicans Have Monumental Weekend

    Plymouth State University was awarded the NH Federations award for “Outstanding Chapter of the Year.” Check out why.

  • Blood Drive PSU Holds American Red Cross Spring Blood Drive

    A tremendous turnout of volunteers and donors packed Plymouth State University’s Hartman Union Building this week for another successful spring blood drive. Each year Plymouth State hosts the biannual Red Cross Blood Drive in the spring and fall sponsored by the Community Service Center and in partnership with the American Red Cross. 

  • competition PSU Makes Strides at National Business Competition

    PSU seniors Yvonne McLenithan and Kevin Cressy competed at the 16th annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University in Georgia on Mar. 28-31, 2014. Sales competitions are an essential training tool and provide students with an opportunity to share and refine skills in real-life sales contexts. 

  • sidore Retired Biologist Thomas F. Lee Debates Ethics at PSU

    On Wed.Apr. 2nd, PSU welcomed retired biologist Thomas F. Lee to the SIlver Center to present on the ethical debates stemming from recent biotechnological advances. During the talk, titled “The Promises and Perils of the New Biology,” Lee drew on his expertise of microbiology and genetic engineering while addressing ethical concerns regarding cloning, GMOs, and genetic engineering in livestock. 

  • Rail Jam Rail Jam 2014: Jib Free or Die

    The Marketing Association of Plymouth State (MAPS) and the Snowboard Club collaborated and put together Plymouth State University’s first ever Rail Jam for skiers and snowboarders.

  • Heart bleed ‘Heart Bleed’ Bug Ravages Web, Users Urged to Change Passwords

    Internet security professionals from across the world have been in a panic as the recently discovered “Heart Bleed” bug debuted shortly after being discovered Monday morning. This exploit is perhaps one of the greatest threats to ever surface on the World Wide Web, threatening to reveal sensitive consumer identification information on a massive scale. 

  • Branding "Branding Yourself"

    The workshop is meant to help the seniors that plan to graduate in May get a leg-up on the competition in the competitive job market. The point of the workshop is to give students advice on how to figure out how to make themselves stand out amongst their competition on the job world.

  • rick Ambassador Rick Barton Talks National Security & Global Conflicts

    On Thursday, March 27th, Plymouth State University, in conjunction with the College of Business Administration and the World Affairs Council of N.H., hosted Ambassador Rick Barton, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Conflict and Stabilization Operations.


  • Unearth Your Inner Artist Unearth Your Inner Artist


    Poets and Writers, Open Mic nights, Poetry Slams, and Centripetal allow fellow PSU artists’ to share what makes them proud because it’s their work that makes them who they are.

  • clorox app Clorox Develops App to Alert People You're Having Sex


    Clorox (yes, the people who make that blue laundry detergent) has pioneered an app that alerts people in the area that when users are ‘busy.’

  • Student Spotlight Student Spotlight: Ethan Batten


    Whether students have seen him in class or around campus, Ethan Batten is one of the many young, talented students at Plymouth State University. Friends of Ethan know him as the fun, interesting, go-lucky individual that he is, but the one quality that he’s shared with them is now being shared with the world: his love for music.

  • Lulu Lulu: The New Little Black Boot


    A new social media network designed just for woman, however, might put a damper on that cheery prospect as it catalogs men and their particular qualities in a relationship. Enter Lulu, the one-stop-shop for all the juicy details on your male Facebook friends.

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